What is more satisfying than growing your own food? Take care a plant from the seeding to the final harvest. On the top of that, doing it in the way you are actually respecting the natural cycles and all the environment around you.

Vegetable garden in Oslo

For the first year, Hibiscus Dinners is growing its own vegetables! Well at least, we are trying to! We got a small lot in May this year around Bøler in Oslo, so we didn't have the opportunity for a full season yet. 

Organic salad grown in Oslo

After years thinking about it, I decided to grow many different vegetables and herbs following a square planting system which means that in a box of 120*80cm you grow 6 differents type of vegetables. This system helps you fighting naturally the diseases and the parasites as well as helping the soil not getting too tired as you rotate often the vegetables.









This year I grew: salads, cucumber for pickling, beets, carrots, radish, parsley, chives, corn, squash, sunflower, mangold, borage, mint, dill, sage, cabbage, peas, tomatoes. Well, they didn't all grow to be honest, but we are pretty happy with a very good harvest of radish, salad, carrots, cucumber and tomatoes as well as all the herbs. 

Fresh green salad by Hibiscus Dinners

Growing vegetables is important in my process to offer the best food and ingredients to my customers. As a private chef, I put a lot of care in the products I am using for my dinners. Getting organic products is not that easy in Norway, but at Hibiscus Dinners, we are very proud to try getting as much as possible!

Ramps picked in Oslo Norway

Next year, we will get more vegetables which will hopefully end up on your dining table, right in your house! Just check out our Instagram feed to see the latest pictures of our garden and recipes!