A good meal could become fabulous if you  pair it with the right wines. At Hibiscus Dinners, we care about the food we serve you , but also about the wine. From now on, we will give you some wine tips every month!

This time, it is, of course, all about Christmas, it is Julebord season! So, if you wonder: 

-How do I pair fresh Norwegian scallops? A Saffron Risotto? 

-What fits best with reindeer or elg for our Christmas dinner? A nice grilled entrecôte?

-What could we serve before the meal, as an apéritif?

Hibiscus Dinners has answers for you! We have a French background but are interested by wines all around the world; our goal is to make you discover new types of wine that you won't necessarily get to buy otherwise.

Champagne Francis Boulard Les Muriers Brut Nature

This champagne from a small producer (around 30.000 bottles a year) in Champagne region is exceptional! The maker is working with organic grapes and follows the biodynamic process in order to make a range of champagne which are mostle Extra Brut or Brut nature.

Don't think that because it is an organic "natural" champagne, that it is not good; you would be wrong! This champagne is dry, has notes of nuts and citrus as well as a smell of cutting grass.

It fits perfect with all sea food such as pan fried scallops, oysters but also white fish such as halibut, cod or jack dory.

The value is great, you find a bottle for 390,- in Vinmonopolet. Support a small producer and discover something new for Christmas! It is a favoraite of Hibiscus Dinners, we visited his vines twice already and we always have a bottle in the cellar! http://www.francis-boulard.com

Alheit Cartology 2014 - South Africa


South African wines are not well known enough, and this should change! South Africa produces a wide range of fabulous white, red and even sparkling wines. At Hibiscus Dinners, we wish to make you discover wines you won't necessarly choose at Vinmonopolet.

This white wine is based on mostly Chenin Blanc grapes and also Semillon. The Chenin Blanc is giving this wine all its richness and roasted buttery bread flavors. The flavors of honey, apricots and a hint of citrus makes it perfect with rich fishes such as salmon, but also with a saffron risotto or a morel creamy sauce chicken.

You could also pair it with dessert such as a Crème Brûlée or a vanilla Mille Feuilles. This wine will please all Burgundy lovers that usually drink Meursault vintage, though it will be cheaper! You find this bottle for 315,- at Vinmonopolet.

Vincent Paris Cornas Granit 30, 2014 - France


This is the kind of red wine we like at Hibiscus Dinners! Even though you should definitely buy some bottle to keep them and drink them in few years, this vintage 2014 is drinkable just now.

With 100% syrah grapes, this Cornas is a medium-bodied wine with flavors of red fruits, cocoa and spices. The tanins have soften enough to be really enjoyable now but this vintage will be even better in few years.

You can pair this wine with a nice beef steak or lamb. If you choose to eat some reindeer or elg for Christmas, this vintage of Côtes du Rhônes will fit as well. To open up the flavors, carafe it 2 hours prior to your meal.

For 297,- at Vinmonopolet, this is a great value!

Aubunite La Sorga - France


Presenting this wine is a bit tricky because you can't find it at Vinmonopolet. But in the whole trend about natural wines, this one is a gem. 

This is a sparkling red wine made in the South of France by a small producer named Antony Tortul that works only with organic grapes and tries to develop wines in the most natural ways. He has a wide range of wines as he owns many different small vines around the region.

If you want to try this wine, go and have a drink (and food also!) at the newly open natural wine bar in Tøyen: Brutus (Eiriks Gate 2, 0650 Oslo)