How it works?

  • Each order is different, we adapt to your wishes, to the situation, food allergies… Therefore, we first get in contact through a call to discuss of what you want, how you picture your event. We can of course help you figure out what is the best for you. Don't hesitate to tell us what you like or don't like so you get a better service.


  • Then you get a proposal with different options if necessary. You choose the one that fit you best. Of course any dish can be changed if you wish. 


  • Hibiscus Dinners provides the bowls, trays and plates to present the food at its best with no extra cost. They must be return within the next two days after the event to Sofienberggata 54C, 0563 Oslo. We can also pick it up implying extra fees as listed below. If the plates are returned dirty, an extra fee of 500NOK will apply.


  • If you order a Private Dinner, most of the dinner will be prepared in your kitchen. Then you will be served the dinner by our Private Chef or a Waiter. For a buffet, finger food or tapas, the food will be delivered finished or will be finished in your kitchen, presenting the dishes at their best and serving your guests.


  • Hibiscus Dinners can deliver and make the final presentation of the food for 200NOK inner Ring 3, 300NOK outside Ring 3 and from 500NOK further.


  • Hibiscus Dinners can provide beautiful and sustainable palm tree plates, wooden cutlery and designer napkins for an extra fee of 20NOK/pers.


  • Cutlery and plates, decoration can be provided for Private Dinners up to 6 persons.


How can i pay?


  • At the order, Hibiscus Dinners require a 30% down payment of the total value of the event.

  • For any cancellation less than 48h before the event, the total will be charged.

  • Payment can be done by bank transfer, Vipps or by card the day of the event.