The Gravlax is originally from Sweden but is widely prepared all around Scandinavia. If it is normally made with salmon, it could be prepared with any kind of fish: halibut, trout, Artic char, hamachi… etc. 

Everybody thinks making gravlax is a complicated process; it is not! It is actually very simple and quick to make. At Hibiscus Dinners we love to prepare that for our customers for private dinners and finger food. One of our best seller! 

If you are skilled you can filet the salmon yourself!

If you are skilled you can filet the salmon yourself!

For 4:

-1 filet of salmon with skin on and bones out (around 750g)

-75g salt

-100g muscovado sugar

-1 bunt of dill

-2 Tsp of crushed pepper (black pepper, long pepper, white pepper…)

Mix together the salt, the sugar, the crushed pepper and the chopped dill. Cover evenly the salmon only on the flesh side. 

Wrap in plastic film and store in the fridge for 3 days; every day flip the salmon to make the marinade cover all the salmon.

After 3 days, unwrap the salmon, take out the rest of pepper and dill left; eventually, you can run cold water on it to help. Then finely slice it and enjoy!

Cured salmon is usually enjoyed with a mustard sauce but you could also eat it simply with crème fraîche and a wedge of lemon! 

At Hibiscus Dinners, for our finger food menu, we serve it on homemade blinis with a lime cream… Yum! To serve as a starter, slice the salmon gravlax thicker (about 0,5cm) and serve with a lemon cream and asparagus (when it is in season of course!).

Norsk Gravlaks med hjemmelaget blinis og lime krem :)