The 28th of May 2016, Hibiscus Dinners catered for a surprise party for a young lady celebrating her 30th birthday. 

Menu display for Maya's birthday

A great challenge for Hibiscus Dinners as the guests were coming from all around the world: Kyrgyzstan, Norway, France, United Kingdom, USA, Mexico… etc. With Stian we decided to offer a variation of finger food so the guests could nibble meanwhile enjoying champagne on the terrasse.

Hibiscus Dinners style Bloody Mary with crispy mussels

Hibiscus Dinners prepared five different dishes:

-Puff "choux" flavored with black olives and fresh goat cheese

-Fresh spring rolls with organic chicken from Holte Gård and vegetables

-Mini tarts with goat cheese cream and beetroot mousse

-Homemade blinis topped with salmon gravlax and lime cream

-Hibiscus style Bloody Mary with crispy mussels

A birthday party won't be a real one without a great cake. For this special event I have made double chocolate and banana cupcakes topped with a mascarpone cream and a Rum caramel sauce.

Double chocolate and banana cupcakes topped with Mascarpone cream and Rum caramel sauce

The variation of dishes offered vegetarian, lactose-free or gluten-free options to the guests. At Hibiscus Dinners we want everybody to be satisfied so we use organic products as much as possible, we adapt to your diet, your wishes and envy. 

Do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiry. Your next dinner, buffet, picnic could become magical and exceptional thanks to us!