Hurra for Norge! It is soon Norwegian national day: 17th of May! 


At Hibiscus Dinners, we believe food is as important as the drinks you are pairing it with. Thanks to our suggestions, you will be able to impress your guests with original yet delicious wines and drinks.

Filipa Pato 3B Rosé - Sparkling Portuguese Wine

Rosé wine is so festive, you should definitely try this one! Made in the same way Champagne is, this Portuguese wine is subtle with thin bubbles. It has hints of red berries without being sweet. It will be perfect to start your day with - either breakfast time or later on!


At Vinmonopolet, you can find it for 165,-nok (link)

Eyrie Vineyard Pinot Gris 2015 - American White Wine

This Pinot Gris from Oregon, USA will be perfect to pair with seafood or white fish. It is balanced, with a nutty finish. It is like biting in a fresh piece of brioche without the sweetness. If you haven't try American wines yet and you love Burgundy white wines, you should start with this one.


At Vinmonopolet, you can find it for 219,90nok (link)

Fleury Blanc de Noirs Brut Nature - French Natural Champagne

Want to impress your guests and try an authentic natural champagne? The Fleury Blanc de Noirs is for you! Made from 100% Pinot Noir grapes, it has some character. You can smell apples, citrus with a taste of nuts. Why not eating it with raw oysters or on its own?


At Vinmonopolet, you can find it for 389,90nok (link)

Bareksten Botanical Gin - Awarded Norwegian Gin

Do you need an alternative to champagne? Prepare your guests and yourself some gin tonics, here are some suggestions:

-Tonic water/Orange zest/Rosmarin

-Tonic water with elderflower/Lime zest/Crushed mint

-Tonic water/Yuzu liquor/Lemon zest/Melisse

Gin is a great alternative to pair with seafood like raw scallops or caviar.

At Vinmonopolet, you can find it for 449,-nok (link)